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All RAD Readings Tarot sessions meet using Skype. 

Please download this free video chat app in advance. 

Find me there @ live:MCBuniMuni 

Please be sure to leave your Skype name in the comments box during check out. 

Current Hours:

Monday through Friday  Noon-4pm & 8-11pm EST


Description of Services

** I (Buni Muni) am an intuitive tarot reader, spiritual enthusiast, and life coach. My fun & friendly guidance is not appropriate substitution for professional care in terms of finance or health etc. Please always use your ultimate best judgement and take action accordingly.** 

10 min Session: This is great for a quick check-in and is probably enough time for one or two questions. ($6)

20 min Session: This is probably enough time to cover a few questions with tarot and/or have a somewhat in-depth discussion of abstract life ideas. ($12)

30 min Session: This is certainly enough time to cover a few questions with tarot and have an in-depth discussion of abstract life ideas. ($18)

Special Event: I would love to enhance your Special Event with a fun & casual Tarot Table. This is great for parties, festivals, pop-up shop gatherings, art gallery openings, book launches, music shows etc. Price is flexible depending on factors such as location & desired hours. Please contact to discuss booking details.